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About Five Rings

Five Rings is a true martial arts institution.
This dojo has been the home to thousands of members that have been instructed in both practical martial arts techniques as well as many other supplemental skills and attitudes that can be used in everyday life.

What is Seikido

SEIKIDO is a martial arts system founded by Paul Li in 1980 that blends the most practical hard (striking) and soft (rolls + breakfalls, throws, ground fighting, joint articulation) martial arts. Seikido is not a sport – training and techniques prepare students for real-life situations.

Students develop self-confidence and core values through training that translate far beyond the dojo floors. Seikido students are taught to use their knowledge and experience attained through training to reach their fullest potential in life. Seikido students develop physical and mental strength through training in a controlled, non-competitive and safe environment.

With over 30 years of experience, the Seikido Martial Arts Federation of Canada is proud to exemplify excellence in true Martial Arts training.

“Seikido is the creative pursuit of excellence through contemporary application of traditional oriental martial arts philosophy and skills.”
– Li Doshu


For more information on our programs feel free to contact us.
We are currently accepting new students for Fall 2015.
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